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Welcome to the nurses station...this page I hope,will be evolving and proffer up some useful tools,some new information,and widen your knowledge base.I am extrapolating information that I have found on the "net" from reputable sites. I will also provide links to nursing sites. A substantial amount of this is provided for free and to use as you would like,I am taking advantage of that and offering up the same. I will provide links to those sites.

Below,in the list boxes,are word documents and .pdf files that can be opened or down loaded and printed up for your use. Just click on the colored link and the files will be sent to you. They all have been scanned and are virus free. I guarantee that! I have added a new something to keep you interested, Tip of the Week I will endever to update this on a weekly bases. I hope you find them somewhat interesting,perhaps, learn something new. I will try and keep them stimulating. Just click on the link and you can either download the document or just open it and read it.

*Tip of the Week*

PA Lines
Blood Product Administration
Cardiac Pacing
Counter Pulsation (IABP)
Central Lines
Arterial Lines
ICP Monitoring
12 Lead EKG
Xigris Information SIRS
Sedation and Paralysis
Pressors and Vasoactives
Medical Tips
Nasogastric Tubes
X-Ray Interpretation

Nursing Links

As I stated above,this is a project in process. I will be updating this site regularly and hope to be adding more and different information. I hope this is a good start.

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