God Bless America!!!!!

September 11th,2001

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Thanks to those Americans,firefighters,police,em-t's,paramedics,nurses,doctors and voluneers,that sacrificed their lives to save and rescue those people injured and killed after the worst terrorist attack on America! You are truely hero's in the ture sense of the word,those doing what is necessary regardless of the consequences to their own lives!!

God Bless you all!

My heart felt sympathy and grief go out to all those that lost their lives and loved ones in this terrorist attack,words can not express my feelings,just know that America is with you!

God Bless you!

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This is what this nation is all about,we may bicker and squabble between ourselves,but when attacked,we unite strongly and defiently into a single focused purpose to defend this country and the way of life we hold so dear to our hearts and that our forefathers died to protect and pass on to us!



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